Learn About the Art of Pole Dancing Through Instagram

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There are so many amazing, acrobatic people on Instagram, it is hard to know where to begin or who to follow. Pole dancers are in a league of their own with the incredible stunts they perform. Pole dancing is one of those professions that has a lot of stigma, but the beauty and art is undeniably breath-taking. Let’s go wrap our minds around some of these magical Instagram flying high and low pole dancing accounts.
(feature image by @sarahscottpole)


1. @polecricket
The 2013 International Pole Championship Ultimate Champion is so dedicated to pole fitness that she gave up her nine year career as a publicist to train and compete across the world. Her Instagram feed is a testament to her passion for the sport.


2. @lindsaylithepole
Lindsay Lithe’s Instagram account is a testament to her love of hanging, spinning and sitting upside down on a pole. The speed with which this Colorado-based pole fitness instructor and performer switches between positions is enough to make you feel like you have been spinning with her into new heights of dizziness and awe.


3. @yazminqc
She shares the perfect combination of new tricks and old favorites. She is consistently working on improving and is helpful with sharing videos of how she gets into tricks.


4. @sergialouise
Sergia Louise Anderson was the winner of the 2013 US National Pole Championships – she is also a competitive salsa dancer with a drama degree. Her Instagram is a steady stream of videos, workshop outtakes and envy-inducing images of her trying out complex and majestic moves.


5. @annamaijanyman
She is one of those polers who will take over deadlifts in six inch heels like it’s no big deal. She is known for her crazy power spins on both spin and static. She will inspire you to the next level.


6. @emikoisabella
A contortion style poler who’s flexibility is so crazy, saying she is flexible is an understatement. She actively works on increasing her strength and flexibility; it is a nice reminder of how much one can achieve with hard work and dedication.


7. @sarahscottpole
International pole fitness instructor and trainer, Sarah Scott makes pole fitness look like a walk in the park. The former Miss Pole Dance UK regularly shares videos and photos, including tips on how to do positions on the pole.


8. @maggie_falling
She may only have been practicing the art of pole fitness for three years, but Maggie Ann has already won a host of awards. Her instagram feed is a visual smorgasbord of pole fitness tricks and videos.


9. @zeniacontortion
She calls herself a contortionist wannabe, but I’m pretty sure we can get rid of the “wannabe”. Her account shares the most beautiful, flexible shapes both on the pole and on the ground.


10. @allie.kamikaze
She is one fierce pole dancer. She shows personality and attitude in her dancing and is never afraid to rock high heels and sexy floor work. She also mixes up her pole practice with contortion, handstands and yoga.





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