Top French Adventure Instagrammers to Follow

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Instagram is a place filled with creativity. Scrolling through the feeds of talented photographers can give you inspiration about pretty much anything. Food recipes, fashion trends, places to visit… But when it comes to that fresh bowl of air we all need, nothing beats outdoor adventures! So here it is, a list of some of the most inspiring travel and adventure photographers from France.
(feature image by @oftwolands)


1. @buchowski – France, Norway, New Zealand, USA… The captures of Julien will leave you impressed.


2. @nvmero – Romain’s latest pictures will make you want to travel in New Zealand. Guaranteed!


3. @mary_quincy – Beautiful colors, romantic destinations… Mary’s work will give you a reason to take your time when walking in a busy street or hiking in a snowy forest.


4. @pvignaux – Views from the Pyrenees’ summits, snowy adventures, intense mountaineering. Pierre loves his mountains, and we can understand why!


5. @luclagasquie – Luc’s main focus is to raise awareness towards the appreciation of beauty. We can see it through his work, wandering all around France and other countries such as Morocco, New Zealand, Spain…


6. @platoux – Lovely beaches, quiet cities, cold landscapes and graceful people. Jon is an expert at capturing beauty.


7. @_alexlorente_ – An outdoor photographer living his life attached to his skis in the French Alps.


8. @oftwolands – The adventures of a French & Australian couple. Road-trips in Iceland, flights above New Zealand mountains, iceberg watching…


9. @louiseoupas – The life of a French girl living her dreams in Scotland. No need to say how amazing this is.


10. @lily__rose – Travel inspiration, yummy food pictures, nice people and stories… Her work is so refreshing.


11. @alexstrohl – A must-see for outdoor photography. A scroll through his gallery will take you through wild landscapes, from Canada to Slovenia.


This blog post was written by Luc Lagasquie (@luclagasquie), a travel and adventure photographer based in Paris, France. He’s been traveling all over the world and you can check out his latest work on Instagram or on his website.




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