How the pets of Instagram celebrated Easter 2016

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When you think of Easter, one of the first things that come to your mind must be the adorable, fluffy bunnies. This is what most probably inspired pet owners from all over the world to dress up their cuties in funny Easter costumes during last weekend. Here are some of the cutest Easter-inspired pet shots of the past days – enjoy!

1. @pitterpatterfurryfeet

2. @pitterpatterfurryfeet

3. @this_girl_is_a_squirrel

4. @lilothebeagle

5. @venustwofacecat

6. @abby_thepinkpiggy

7. @prissy_pig

8. @sophie_the_model

9. @jermzlee

10. @juniperfoxx

11. @cobythecat

12. @paisley_and_shelby

13. @maya_on_the_move

14. @nala_cat

15. @tunameltsmyheart

16. @realgrumpycat

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