Inspiring Macro Photography Tips

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Macro photography opens our eyes and minds to a world of detail and creativity. Here are some photos that inspire me to get out my camera and shoot creative photos! I hope this selection of creative photos does the same for you. There are endless inspirations and patterns in nature. I’ve selected some nature macro photography and included some ideas and tips to spark creativity.

1. Water droplets are a great way to spice up your macro photography
In this example drops on a dandelion seed. Get creative with your lighting and always use a tripod. A remote trigger to release the shutter will also help reduce any vibration creating crisp detailed images. Photo by @justwonder4you

2. Pick interesting subjects!
Mushrooms, moss, tree bark. Try it. Photo by @oskarone1

3. Get really creative with frozen or frosty subjects and even reflections!
Photo by@sisakob

4. Play with soft effects such as letting some of the foreground fall out of focus creating a soft wispy feel.
Photo by @feelso_happy

5. Backlit flowers are perfect for stunning macro photography
Photo by @bell1212snow

6. Use a large aperture to make the subject is more in focus than the background
Photo by @nettp6

7. Dried plants make great subjects
Photo by

8. Texture
Feathers are fantastic macro subjects. Try changing the angles of your light source or the color of your light. Photo by @angelica__930

9. Play with color!
Photo by @syuran.p

10. Get a variety of butterfly species to photograph
Try searching for local butterfly garden or tropical garden tours. Photo by @jose416

11. Bees make great subjects too
Photo by @_ka0ri

12. Shoot through a flower petal
Shoot with your largest aperture; the shallow depth of field will make the petal or leaf transparent almost as if it were painted with watercolors. Photo by @emiliesgarden


Hope you enjoyed these photos and tips! This blog post was written by Harmony Calhoun. Harmony is a rock climber and a model.

Read more on her author page, or check out her Instagram account.


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