How to measure and evaluate your marketing ROI on Instagram

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Let’s talk about social media ROI. We know, we know, not the easiest of subjects. But of the utmost importance. Listen, you can know all the tricks and gimmicks and implement the most creative campaigns on Instagram. However, if you don’t know how much revenue you’re getting out of them, you’ll never be able to adjust the budgets and work at full efficiency. Not only that, but you won’t be able to prove the necessity of Instagram campaigns in your overall marketing strategy.

But how can you correctly assess your ROI on Instagram? What are the insights and analytics that can get you the best measurements? How to overcome the challenges of measuring the value of your marketing efforts? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by questions, but don’t fall into the trap of stressing out. We’re here to give you a chill-infused article that will turn assessing your ROI from a nightmare to a pleasure. Or at least a bearable nuisance.

Let’s start with the beginning…read more about Instagram ROI on Preppr’s blog.


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